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Thursday, December 23

Season's Eatings!

While getting some delicious Peking duck with the sis and cos last night I was totally not impressed with the fact that they were both wearing sweatpants to an otherwise fancy decent restaurant - not even sweatpants, but those plaid pajama pant things, in public. I frown upon it with great contempt.

I'll admit it, I've worn sweatpants in public in the past, but that was before I got a job and I was also in grade two at the time. I don't believe that looking like a bum because you think you may be marginally more comfortable while taking notes in a lecture hall, going to the supermarket or eating at a restaurant is the way to go. You should probably buy some better clothes or wear pants that actually fit.

There are only 5 situations where it's acceptable to wear sweatpants in public:

  1. You are going to play sports.
  2. They are underneath your snowpants.
  3. You are homeless.
  4. You are a girl and they are manufactured by Lululemon.
  5. Competitive eating competition.
Anyhow, what I wanted to mention is that this is the season of packing on the pounds over-indulgence, but can you really blame anyone? Eat, drink and be merry!

In other news, I made it some randoms and I were able to make it to level 17 in Kino Der Toten last night. I only played like 3 levels on the single player campaign before going multiplayer but I think I'm gonna have to buy a mic headset to up my game, is that so wrong?

I'm glad that I finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, because considering that I only bought this game one day ago COD is consuming my life I've been playing a fair bit of it.

One day left!