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Monday, January 31

Blue Mountain is too busy/still the only place to go in Ontario

It's kind of inevitable that Blue Mountain would eventually turn to crap someday. Being the biggest resort within reasonable reach of Toronto you don't really have a choice, and with the whole Intrawest thing though you knew that it'd become cookie cutter commercial in a matter of years. Walking through the village there or at Tremblant feels exactly the same. Overcrowded and overpriced is what we have to deal with now. It's a cash cow.

If you've been there lately you'd know the worst thing is parking. If you're willing to walk through the village you can use this secret parking lot pictured below which has ample space. Good thing huge snow banks hide it from most views so find it if you can - it's handy for guys like us who stroll in after 12.

Trying to cut across using the beginner lift didn't pay off this time...

Peanut Butter and Rail Jam. Not to be mistaken with the peanut better and ham sandwich - Martin you fail.

Dinner at the village was disappointing too, as every restaurant was filled to the brim. Even Wild Wings, the last one on the strip, had over an hour wait. Oh well, Collingwood had plenty of space. Guy's gotta eat.

On an equally crappy note, I'm sick and am downing a NeoCitran at this very moment.