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Monday, January 10

Ski trip re-cap...short and bitter/sweet

If you ski the East, you gotta expect ice. Looking back I think we were pretty lucky last year with 2+ feet of snow so we expected the best this year, but got throughly disappointed due to that NYE thaw. I guess what goes around comes around because with less than half the runs open riders eventually got funneled on certain runs only to push away the snow and reveal the death ice underneath.

I've never seen so many ambulances run a train because of a single run, but when you cut in front of me then immediately immediately wipe out in my direct path and the run is only 20 feet wide, really the only thing I can do is jump kick you in the back and hope for the best.

One thing I saw was when two medics were transporting some dude down a hill in one of those sleds, then the one medic holding from the top fell and the guy at the bottom had to use all the power in his thighs to not send the poor cripple laying in the sled flying off a cliff.

You'd better have your travel insurance...

The weather was not too bad ad we did have a little snow, but not enough to cover the roots and dirt in the glades.

The nearest legit city town large village, by which I mean has more than two streets, was about 20 mins away. Newport actually had a pharmacy, supermarket and restaurants much like Stowe. North Troy? A convenience store that had like 2 hands of bananas, 4 apples and a used womens suit for $15, but at least they had beer and liquor. Haters gonna hate.

Luckily there were only two casualties this trip: my license plate and the wrench to the ski rack - sorry Jon, the Thule is now one with my parent's mini van.

I think Scott's feet exploded at one point but he was able to recover them after passing out falling asleep basically half sitting down/half lying down with his feet planted on the frigid ice linoleum floor, freezing the pieces back into place. Seriously, it was probably the only situation where I wished I had brought a pair of UGGs slippers to wear inside.

Our diet consisted of a steady stream of beer and meat lasagna since the apres ski scene was pretty weak and extremely crowded in the one tiny bar they have at the hill. FYI, they are doing crazy construction there so next year will be super busy.

We actually got really into this game called Monopoly Deal, which quickly became one of the most cutthroat events of the day.

As usual we pulled the sleeping rotation so no one gets stuck with master or the crappy pull out. Here's the view from the top bunk right before Kevin dropped his 1 gallon water jug on the bunk below (which I was sleeping on that night btw).

Things got messy at times, especially before pass out time everyone went to sleep and went looking for Gatorade and blankets. When you decide that french toast with buckets of maply syrup is a good idea after midnight you can expect things to be sticky in the morning.

Despite the 5 pics I took and posted we have lots of footage via 3 GoPros, and Scott via his camera. I guess you can expect 3 different edit styles coming up never sometime in the near future.

We made it though, so add some more footage to the queue. I'd expect my videos to come out some time around mid June, when I'm done with the rest of the Japan stuff...heh.

Now back to work...how depressing.