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Friday, January 7

Jay Peak: Day Two...23/77

The crap part of today is that the tram stopped operating at 2pm because they needed to do window repairs...kind of weak, but didn't really make a huge difference because there weren't that many runs open either.

It ain't all that bad since there's not that many people here so could run all way, but with snow coming tonight and Saturday on the way I think tomorrow's going to be pretty busy.

I went chest mount today so haters can hate, but really, it's because the three of us have GoPros and we had to mix it up a bit so we don't look like stooges it doesn't interfere with our steeze...or something like that.

They did open the 360 park, so some of us had fun falling on our spines on some of the jibs when not falling on our faces on some rocks. Our bodies have been taking a beating since we hit it too hard yesterday - Scott actually had to call it quits after a few runs and hit the iPhone in the chalet while we struggled away. Here's Simon just before he bruised his kidney.

Here's another view of the RFID system, don't hold the lime up or they will resent you forever.

Hard to tell but we had some pretty good colors going on - made it easy to spot one another through the snow. From left to right, purple, blue and lime green respectively. Plaid caught on on camera, Awesome.

Hopefully some more glades will open up tomorrow because we haven't been able to hit too many of them. If you know Jay then you know that glades are where it's at, so comon snow get here already!