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Tuesday, January 18

It's hard times when 20 cents off means it's on sale.

The gym in January is a shit. For some reason at the Y it means that there are more children running rampant and asking you for a spot doing curls or something absurd like that. There's also a lot of adults coming in, wearing really non athletic clothes, that have undoubtedly never been to a gym before and don't know how to use the equipment. I mean everyone has to start somewhere, but I doubt that running around in dress shoes will give you the best results. Similarly, women's silk shirts are not all the rage these days. Serious lack of judgement on their part.

I even saw this one dude, I couldn't tell if he was middle eastern or mexican, but he came in wearing a doo-rag (or a t-shirt that was cut up, hard to tell) ack-ing all bad. But when he passed the cardio machines to the weight area and saw some actual black dudes, he immediately took it off and shoved it into his pants and straightened his walk. He might have actually shoved it into his underwear, I'm not sure if his shorts had pockets.

On a similar note, if you see a guy that's pretty out of breath, go ahead and ask him if the rowing machine will make your belly go away and follow him around asking him what strengthening your core means even after he tells you he's not a personal trainer and points to a guy you could actually ask. I think he enjoys it.