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Thursday, January 6

Jay Peak: Day fun...I mean one

There must have been some school trip or something today because the mountain had a lot more people than expected, and by more than expected I mean like 64 people on the resort. Truth be told there were only about 17 runs open but we did receive 8-10' of snow last night, which was not so bad.

I had a hard time telling if it was foggy is just straight snowing because visibility got pretty poor at times, but my lime green jacket helped the situation a bit.

It also made for some pretty random falls...

We managed to hit some sick features...and by sick I mean the smallest boxes and rails we could find.

The lifts at Jay Peak now work on an RFID system, where you carry around a card in your pocket and when you line up for at the gates, it detects it on your hot bod and lets you though. No stupid lift pass necessary or 16 year old telling you to get in line.

All in all we went too hard today and regret the decision immediately...probably. Two more days left and the high-five-o-meter is just getting warmed up.