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Tuesday, August 9

2011 Montreal Dragon Boat Festival Video Fun!

You know how sometimes I make empty promises take really long to put together an edit because I'm such a lazy bum I'm not feeling it or I can't really get into it? I mentioned it a couple times before that, especially with me, I really gotta get into this kind of thing or else it just turns out like an awkward low budget porno (or something like that). Well boom goes the dynamite.

So I threw this thing together in 40 minutes flat on Saturday night and it even impressed me that I was able to make such short work of it. I'll admit that usually I get lucky with scenes going together with music or lyrics but I was having fun, things just seemed to click and, damn son, I was on fire. I think that video turned out pretty well too, heh.

What ended up happening was that after Woodstock Banana Boat went to go eat a victory buffet at Wasabi. As glorious as that was, like everyone else having woken up so early that morning, by the time we ended up leaving after 9 I was ready to take a hot bath shower and pass out. Instead I somehow convinced myself that drinking another 5 hour energy would be beneficial to my digestion and I was so tired anyway that it wouldn't make much of a difference so...

In retrospect, I probably still had some residual energy drink and other crap in my system from before because I got pretty coked up (again). After scrubbing the crap out of my skin, I threw on my headphones and got to work with that then probably played like 3 hours of video games after while watching America's Test Kitchen. The BB website was updated, the race videos, plus that edit were all rendered/uploaded by the time I woke up the next day, heh.

And like I said before: I also went full cheese on that song. It felt like I was using some sort of classified military technology because to use a song like that is like using the blackbird in FFA - it's just not fair. Even I think the lyrics are out of control preposterous but the song is CATCHY AS HELL, so I was pretty happy with it (and Deadmau5 always makes things better). Up next: Banana Boat edit.

As a bonus, some friends on the OHDBC Hammerheads wanted to borrow the GoPro for a race. They basically threw together an OHDBC team for that event, and if you don't know what the OHDBC is then just look at the results from the premier division championships of any big race. Check the video out to see what some of the best paddlers in Cananda look like. It wasn't that surprising that they won the event either...

Swordfish takes on the Oakville Dragon Boat Festival (which is actually located in Milton) this weekend in our final regatta of the season. It's been a great year so far so let's see what we can do!