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Friday, August 12

Banana Boat vs Woodstock Dragon Boat Festival 2011

Like I mentioned yesterday, when it comes to music there's nothing more subjective (and cheesy) than trying to choose a song that people may/not like. I've learned that while I might like to listen to Matt & Kim, most people would think I'm some sort of hipster wannabe when they hear those sweet sweet beats leaking out of my headphones. Conversely, when I hear Kesha on the radio it makes me puke in my mouth a little, but that kind of cheese also makes the girls go crazy so I hope they don't mind the vomit flavor...

I don't really sweat it though because I will never compromise my artistic integrity, right? RIGHT?

Let me drop some history on you: back in the day, YouTube used to come down pretty hard with the copyright cock blocking - you'd upload something then it would call you a fool and tell you that nobody will ever get to see your video anyway. Facebook was even worse since it would just straight delete that video you worked so hard on without so much as even telling you that it was going to bring the hatred. So back then I tried to use some awesome but not so mainstream songs so I didn't have to deal with that foolishness.

Nowadays, just like how I don't believe that Facebook is a legitimate photo sharing site so I never upload stuff there, I just don't upload videos to it all together. Fortunately, YouTube has gotten pretty good with it though, since they just spam your comment with an iTunes ad and then deny those pesky Germans, so you don't really have to worry about unnecessary blockage anymore.

Anyway, here's that yellow shirt gold medal swag coming at you.

Crap, I just realized that I forgot to include the BB cheer shot. Shucks.

And on that note...Sausagefest tomorrow!