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Friday, August 5

Final Cut What?

This is more or less how far I was able to get into figuring out how to use Final Cut Pro X (hint: it wasn't very far). While the previous version of Final Cut was pretty damn similar to Premiere Pro (which I currently use)(practically interchangeable) this new version is a huge change apparently...well as far as I can tell. Good or bad? I haven't figured that out yet...

It's fast, I'll give it that, but by re-inventing the wheel there's also a new learning curve to deal with. I'm having a hard time figuring out whether or not it's more intuitive or too intuitive compared to previous versions (if that makes any sense). By trying to make things simpler I think it might have made it confusing. I'm not sure what other video editing programs are like, but until I can greco-roman wrestle this beast to the ground and figure out how it works I'll just assume it's bleeding edge stuff.

To be fair I didn't put any time into reading the docs or watching some tutorials - I just jumped into it expecting to know what to do. The main issues I have is that things are named differently, I don't know where to find options, I couldn't figure out how the magnetic timeline works, things group and ungroup like crazy, my mouse kept on playing video when I move it and I couldn't get a good view of the music track to sync transitions with the beat. I'll admit that it was a weak effort, and after 15 mins of struggle I got too frustrated decided that making a grilled cheese sandwich was in my better interest.

So I'll stick with Premiere Pro for now (so I can actually do some work) or until I get a little more time to play around with that. I'll probably end up writing some sort of review too at some point after I learn how to use the damn thing...

I also decided to go full cheese with the song in the second Swordfish video after hearing Joe Rogan use it for one of his podcast intros (and they were all dancing for a good 2 mins btw). I'm nowhere close to finishing that any time soon though...

Woodstock Regatta tomorrow with Banana Boat. Let's see if we can defend that Bronze division title...