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Tuesday, August 16

Public Enemy @ The Sound Academy aka Sausagefest 2011

So despite having a regatta the next day I did end up going to Sausagefest on Saturday night...

Doors actually opened at 2 in the afternoon and by the time we got there around 5 it was jam packed of drunk and sunburned white people. I've never actually seen so many topless people (men and women) with wife-beater sunburns etched into their cherry red skin. We could have been in Texas (or somewhere like that).

Even by the time we got there people had already laid waste to the place with Amsterdam Blonde tall boy cans. I'm talking a sea of yellow cans just all over the ground and on top of anything they could stand them on. It was probably the worst sticky stale beer smelling clean up ever for that 16 year old coming in for their shift the next day.

The washroom lineup was totally outrageous as well (and straight gross). I dunno how the ladies' side was but the men's was just overflowing with pools or urine. If you slipped and fell in it, then I'm pretty sure you got all the Hepatitis strains that exist.

It was busy and there was a ton of people but what would you expect from a free concert.

There were also sausages there too...$4 a pop.

They didn't actually let you into the concert hall until maybe 6. There was some serious disconnect on our end because some of us didn't get in, while we waited for someone who was actually already inside, fail. the place was at capacity all night.

The security guards were also laying the smackdown on fools trying to sneak in. As soon as one guy decided to leave and opened the door, 10 would try to push in and then get stomped by a huge black guy. Smokers didn't care though because they just smoked inside, it was so full of people anyway that no one cared or could even get to you if they saw it.

Despite that The Sound Academy does have an awesome patio and it was still really crowded, so not the biggest deal that we didn't get in right away. We did eventually sneak in via some real Mission Impossible type hustle. Our one friend who had gotten in actually orchestrated the whole thing and it was pretty impressive.

It involved him somehow ending up outside. Then us seeming as if we leaving the venue but at the last second stepping out of line and slipping inside this side door he propped open with a beer can, then walking away from the bar area, crossing a barricade, walking past a sleeping security guard and then ending up at the back bar. It was crazy.

And just before Public Enemy came on. Perfect.

I'm not even a fan of Public Enemy. In fact the only songs I even heard of are Fight the Power and that one song they sang with Anthrax, just because it was in that one Tony Hawk game. Pretty good show though and Flava Flav is quire the character.

Another totally crazy thing was that a few of us had to park at Cherry Beach because Cirque du Soleil was going on across the street and parking was insane. Two of us ended up parking there and it's probably like a 20 minute walk.

At that park they have these two huge artificial grass soccer fields, which are full blown lit at 2 am in the morning for all those TO soccer fans apparently.

It's pretty trippy to run across it or lie down and chill and drink right in the middle of thus huge field in the middle of the night with absolutely nobody around, but talk about a waste of electricity...

Photsynth...mixed results...