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Tuesday, August 23

Oh snap...was the sound your tendon made when it...snapped.

So I ended up at the ER last night...well let me rephrase that...I ended up taking someone to the ER yesterday for a freak accident that caused some serious damage.

The hospital is one of those places where I should probably be more cautious with the sanitizer and stuff, but I'm not because I just assume my body can fight off anything (famous last words). I'll admit that it kind of freaks me out when nurses are talking to someone and then immediately puts on a face mask like 2 feet away from me. This one (sickly) lady also sat next to me with this IV full of Avelox (which I looked up immedately and found out that it's to treat AIDS some respiratory infection or tuberculosis) and I probably shouldn't have fallen asleep facing her face, heh. I'm that guy breathing deeply and eating (without washing his hands), so watch out.

What happened was the dude was washing one of those CorningWare bowls, dropped it in the sink, it broke, then part of it ended up slicing open the back of his hand, exposing the frail humanity inside and damaging the goods - blood and gore for all!

Apparently that also severed the extensor tendon for his middle finger, and as a result the tendon coiled back into his hand somewhere and he's lost the ability to flip people the bird straighten or lift his middle finger.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that it's an incredibly strange/crazy/frustrating feeling trying to move your finger - something that you've done probably millions of times in your life - knowing what it's supposed to feel like and what it's supposed to do but then nothing happens...

So 5 stitches and a full fingertip to forearm cast later, he's out. Unfortunately it's all gotta come off the next day when he sees the hand specialist/plastic surgeon, so they can cut his hand back open once again, fish for that tendon and somehow re-attach it. Ouch.

I have no idea what the road to recovery is like but he's probably not going to be able to play that 7-string for a while. One hand typing FTW.

In other news, I totally pulled a noob move and uploaded a video with a typo in it. It sorta threw a wrench in my dragon boat propaganda spreading campaign, but hopefully I pulled it quick enough that nobody noticed...or did they? Muah ah ah ah ah. I don't know what that means...