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Friday, September 9

2011 GWN Challenge tomorrow! Finally...

This is it. We need to win. We have to win...

Finally! It's our last regatta of the year and in true dragon boat fashion there's the usual end of season decline in practice attendance and that gotta drop out for the last regatta of the year for legitimate reasons foolishness to deal with. Hopefully we can still do some work and win another trophy (because that would be sweet). I never did get a chance to drink out of the one from last year, but I'm not holding it against anyone (that much).

One thing that I'm not looking forward to is the parking. If I can't get a spot at the TSCC either of the days then I'm pretty sure that I'll just park at Sunnyside ($9), instead of the CNE ($20), and just walk the 2KM to Marilyn Bell Park. I'll use that surplus of cash to buy (even more) turkey legs and kettle corn to fuel me for that 20 minute loner walk...which could actually be a walk of shame if we end up losing or even worse dropping down a division...

In other news, I folded Robert Lang's paper rabbit the other day - it looks fairly simple but there's actually one pretty frustrating really challenging fold in it.

Go ahead and try it. I dare you.

YouTube sure has made it easy these days though, because half the challenge of folding origami used to be trying to figure out what the diagram in the book meant. It's all gravy now though...