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Thursday, September 1

Blogger has a new interface (it kind of sucks).

Looks like Blogger is trying to pull some Gmail type shenanigans and I don't like it. Didn't you find that the interface in Gmail, Calendar or Blogger were just too cluttered and difficult to use? Yeah, me neither. Well I guess not every idea can be a killer right? (see Google Wave and Buzz for reference...)

Anyway, even though Killzone 3 is in pretty short supply I'm on the hunt for another copy for a friend out East having zero luck. Hopefully there's still a copy left in my local hood, because getting called noobc*ck and sandn*gger by your friend is marginally better than getting called that by some anonymous 12 year old child (maybe).

Anyone want to form a squad? I baked cupcakes...

Is it Friday yet? Epictember has already started...


Fat Bastard said...

Google need to leave well enough alone!