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Monday, September 12

Banana Boat slays the GWN Dragon Boat Challenge (again)

If this sunburn is any indication then it usually means that I was racing over the weekend...and I was...for two days...so that's twice the sunburn...I showed up to work this morning with a really greasy shiny looking face becuase I'm not sure if cocoa butter was the correct solution but I regret nothing (it's delicious).

GWN is our biggest regatta of the year and we finished the season with some serious steeze. Banana Boat jumped up another division, moving from F to E, all while picking up that gold medal swag. Although we didn't go 3/3 like in 2010, 2/4 ain't so bad right?

All in all, we had some pretty embarrassing crushing defeats, some hard earned wins and some tough changes in our practice routine, which kept things interesting all year.

There would have been no better way to end our last regatta unless it somehow involved eating lobster, drinking champagne or getting more gold medals. Great job team.

This year, instead of soy milk and energy drinks the sponsors gave us cases of Frank's RedHot and Tiger Balm. If you don't know what Tiger Balm is then think of Windex for the Greeks but for Chinese people. Eska water also sponsored the event, so there was tap water flowing freely.

If my my memory serves me right (that's suspect) then we threw down a 2:26, 2:34 and 2:26 - landing us in the E Consolation final. I felt ashamed after the second race because it was full of noob moves, as far as I could see from seat 4 anyway. I'll admit that I was also ker-plunking like mad but there were strong winds, the water was crazy choppy and our boat was totally left heavy.

We somehow managed to pull it together for the final though...but I wonder how...

If it ain't intravenous it ain't illegal, right?

Whatever, haters gonna hate. I don't know whether it made a difference but it was way more effective than trying to get hopped up on energy drinks, having to pee every 15 seconds, burning out before the actual race, then getting all dehydrated and headaches.

We also managed to slay my buddy's team again (who we beat in the finals last year by only 0.04 seconds), which was just more delicious icing on that victory cake. Just like us they stepped it up another division but only to have their dreams shettered (again). Better luck next year (see you at practice tonight). Mwah ah ah ah ah...

Cheering in our opponents faces immediately after we won the race? Check.

Some more hardware to add to the 2011 collection. Unless someone has active mouth herpes, there's no way I'm not drinking out of the cup this year. Believe that.

Gold baby gold. Season done. Time to ride.