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Friday, September 23

Take me out to the hater's ball...

I firmly rejected an invite to my high school reunion the other day because the way I see it: if there's anyone from back then that I'd actually want to get together with, I'd get together with them. Luckily for me that kind of thing actually happens, so I can avoid a silly situation like this one with a clear conscience (and I hate most of those people's guts anyway).

Sure, we might not meet up for that kind of thing very often but whether it's been weeks, months or years the conversation just continues as if it were yesterday and you know that it's legit. And since there isn't 300 other people standing around that you don't really want to talk to anyway, there's nothing to sweat, not judgments to be made and nothing is forced. I ain't exactly Mr. Social Network so I appreciate those kind of people and situations, especially if it's one of your friends that trying to throw it together.

I try to avoid those fake conversations as much as possible, mostly because I'm socially awkward and don't know what to talk about, but also because fake conversations are exactly that - Tila Tequila's tits.

Admittedly, it's been like 10 years since high school and back then we were all idiots. You can't even tell me that you knew about the world and how it worked because you didn't. Face it, your 15 year old brain couldn't comprehend anything back then and if you think you had it all figured out, odds are you haven't learned much. 90% of us just wanted to make it through the day and the other 10% just wanted to keep reliving it. If high school still remains to be the best years of your life then holy fuck.

No, my high school experience didn't suck. But you you can't deny that it wasn't until you studied, traveled, met different people and went to work that you actually got just a little/tiny/minuscule taste of what really goes on here.

It's true that people change and although my man-child body and hair style might say otherwise, I am a completely different person than I was 10 years ago. While I don't regret anything, I look back now and wonder what the hell was I thinking back then. But that's life and that's real.

Sure, most of those people have grown up and changed but who knows? Not me and I don't care to find out. Pass me the haterade player because I'm thirsty and Saved by the Bell is coming on soon.

Anyway, if there is some sort of message to this then I guess it's to surround yourself with good people and everything will be alright. Right?

Take that with a grain of salt though because including my mom, Facebook tells me that I have sixteen fifteen friends. I'm assuming they're still working the bugs out of their system.