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Thursday, September 15

Step up your hamburger game with The Burger's Priest

If you don't already know about The Burger's Priest then go ahead and educate yourself.

Conveniently located at Coxwell and Queen (for all you dragon boaters), we couldn't have thought of a better meal to enjoy after our last "practice" of the year. And boy was it a good one.

Once again, the Priest serves up American style fresh ground beef burgers that are cooked up on a flat top for all to enjoy. Whether you want purity or excess, you can have it made simply or done up to the tits with stuff like breaded/deep fried jalapenos, patty cooked in ballpark mustard or grilled cheese as the buns - your call.

The usual suspects...

I stepped up my cheeseburger game this time around and graduated from The Priest to The Judgement Day. I couldn't get enough of that cheese stuffed, panko breaded deep fried mushroom goodness so I opted for two of them. I was going to get The Tower of Babel but just like every other situation in life I folded at the last second (it wasn't a bad thing).

Other options you ask?

If you're looking at their site and don't know what I'm talking about then go ahead and Google for the Burger's Priest Secret Menu. Your heart will thank you.

This is what $18.07 worth of burger swag looks like. Fresh bun, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard, option (mushroom stuffed with cheese, breaded with panko and deep fried), cheeseburger, another option and the bottom bun.

Shazam! Enough grease to ensure you a smooth exit. The dude at the counter even had a hard time wrapping it up, which isn't too surprising considering that it weighs 2 pounds and is half a foot tall. Hey Mikey, I think he likes it...