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Friday, September 2

A deal so nice I bought it thrice.

And then there were three...

Coming from a guy whose collection consists of games like Black Ops, Homefront and Bad Company 2, Killzone 3 is quite the change from those everyday modern themed FPS. It's kind of a new thing being able to drive around in a robot or throw down a turret, but it's just a different dynamic for me to suck at it definitely makes things interesting.

Those brutal melees are fun to watch and so is laying waste to Helghast dudes with a minigun, but I'd say that the action is more along the lines of BC2 than COD (not in a bad way). Just like in BC2 there's classes, stuff around the map for you to play around with and the environments are pretty big/intricate. But their maps aren't so big that there are vehicles to roll around in and there don't seem to be that many MP weapons either (I think).

I do like the fact that you can take on a fair bit of damage before you actually die (so you can run away, mwah) but I do think that the running effect is kind of lame and so is the story line thus far, heh. Game looks good though. Real good.

On a totally different note: Australian timber oil - it really works!