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Wednesday, September 28

Ruger 10/22 - Tuffer Buffer (Does it last a lifetime?)

The Tuffer Buffer is probably the quickest mod you can do to your 10/22 - it's dirt cheap and really easy to install. This piece of plastic polymer tube that's cut to spec replaces the stock steel bolt pin in your receiver so that when the bolt flies back, instead of meta/metal contact, it hits this softer material instead.

I haven't fired off any rounds with this thing in but apparently it really reduces vibration and changes the sound it makes when a round cycles. One of them is supposed to last a lifetime, so as to why I bought 3 who knows (HINT: I'm cheap and it's a better deal).

Tuffer Buffer is just one of the brands that makes such a part, and I don't know how much they can vary from brand to brand, but this is a Canadian product with free shipping so that worked for me.

It was more or less and after the fact kind of thing when I thought about it and I ordered it after I installed the Marauder Kit, so I had to break it down (again).

It's not a difficult task but the two screws that hold the forend in are turning out to be a real pain. That's because the barrel gets in the way when you turn your allen key, so instead of being able to do a full rotation you need to do about 100 tiny ones per screw. Annoying.

So anyway, that's the pin that gets replaced and you'll need to remove the trigger assembly to get to it. Easy.

From here you can see what happens: when the bolt flies back it stops/hits against that meal pin and apparently that metal/metal contact could be smoother. From what I hear the vibration can offset/damage your optic, but since I have a $40 cheapo red dot that is barely accurate I'm not sweating it too much.

Now go ahead and swap out that metal cylinder for a polyurethane one (I don't even know if it's polyurethane). They probably cost about $0.005 to manufacture but  because most of us don't own the facilities to process chemicals, materials and extrude stuff, we gotta pay the premium. Everybody's gotta make a living somehow.

That's it - pie. It was a little difficult pushing it in (that's what she said) because the buffer was so sticky/lots of friction against the metal. I sprayed some gun lube on it and it sort of did the trick, but just like any other situation you just gotta force it in.

Time to turn my attention to this last race video. I'm about 70% through but I got softball finals tomorrow night. Yes, despite me being barely able to catch we made it to the finals. Our league is awesome.


RugerBrad said...

LOVE the Tuffer Buffer!! l've got over 10,000 rounds on mine and it still looks like new!!
WELL worth the money.