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Thursday, November 10

Hello, Modern Warfare 3. We meet at last.

Canada Post, are you serious? Denying me on release day - that's BS. Aside from watching the Machinima live stream and not being able to login to Elite, I was pretty disappointed...until yesterday.

Should I say it? Dare I say it? Of course I'm going to say it: BEST COD EVER.

While it isn't exactly groundbreaking, the formula works. I managed to play some kill confirmed, a little survival mode and even started the single player campaign - everything is very fun.

The controls feel nice and that alleged 60 frames-per-second looks so silky smooth compared to Battlefield. The timing when performing certain actions seems a little better and the Black Ops sleight of hand quick reload or super fast concussion grenade toss seems to be more balanced (unless I just haven't used the right perk yet). That's kind of too bad because I love to use that cheese all the time. Compared to other games, there doesn't seem to be much recoil with the weapons either but I guess that falls in line with MW2.

My first impression is that the action is fast. Really fast. I think because the maps are so tight that it doesn't give campers much opportunity to camp (praise science), and I find myself pulling out a pistol more often than usual because there's no time to reload with so much crap going on.

With the new killstreak system there's also loads of air support. Maybe even too much air support. I can't even tell whether Assassin is overpowered because there's so much noise, planes flying through the air and red dots all over the map that you just expect to run into enemies all the time anyway. It's hectic.

I think what MW3 boils down to is fast paced gun-on-gun action - your quintessential twitch shooter. I don't think I've even seen anyone use a shotgun or sniper, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that SMGs will dominate the game - that stock class with the UMP rapid fire is so cheesy that I can even see it getting nerfed.

I don't know how the perk system works, how to pimp out attachments, what killstreaks are useful or even what weapons are good. Games passed so quickly last night that I didn't even care to try and investigate those systems because I just wanted to keep playing. Yeah, it's addicting.

I thought that I would be using Elite all now to find that kind of info out anyway, but the service has just been a huge failure so far and I can't even get in to admire my own founder status check my stats.

Sorry Battlefield, we're on a break right now.