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Wednesday, November 23


I'm slowly making my way though this Marvel Civil War and damn is it a crazy read. The plot line actually jumps between different comic book series and characters all in the Marvel universe to create this out of control story.

Basically what happened was a bunch of noob super heroes trying to create a reality show tried to raid a house in the suburbs where a bunch of villans were hiding. A battle ensued and this one bad guy named Nitro exploded himself and blew the shit out of the surrounding neighborhood killing everyone, including a school filled with children.

One thing led to another and this Superhuman Registration Act became law. That act required that all heroes reveal their identities and work for the government. Those who refused were considered criminals and hunted down by their registered peers - and we're still only talking about just the good guys here.

So on one end you have all these heroes who think that registering is a good idea and on the other hand all the heroes who want to protect their identities. One of the biggest reasons for keeping them secret is the threat that the bad guys will know who they are, and thus can attack their family and friends.

Oh yeah, and you have the bad guys still shit disturbing all over the place because they don’t care either way.

It’s basically Good Guys vs. Good Guys - Captain America is leading the heroes/fugitives against the registration act and Iron Man/Tony Start leading the push for the registration.

What’s interesting is that Captain America is the one leading the heroes against the US Government (and everyone knows his identity anyway), Spider Man decided to reveal himself even though he’s probably one of the people who worked the hardest to conceal his identify (and J Jonah Jameson goes ape shit because of it), and Tony Stark comes off as a douche bag.

Sorry for that horrible pic (not really). Anyway, it's an interesting read.