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What's this all about? Well, that's a question I'm probably not even qualified to answer. I guess it started off because I had nothing better to do, but turns out that I kind of like it. So when I'm not working for The Man I like to take pictures, make videos and write about whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

From dragon boating to mountain biking, to road trips and travels overseas - this is me trying to enjoy life. Clock out at 5, eat, drink and don't forget to smile a lot.

Monday, November 7

Karma, step in.

It's unfortunate when your car gets randomly crapped on and there's nothing you can do about it - this is why I rarely leave the safety of my bedroom. Downtown is full of sketchy people and you never know what will happen, especially in those busy areas where there's tons of human traffic.

As an example, a couple of us were out watching some stand-up on Saturday night and all was just groovy until we eventually found out that one of my buddies got his side-view mirror kicked off while parking along the street. Talk about shitbags bad luck. Seriously? It's just a Civic.