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What's this all about? Well, that's a question I'm probably not even qualified to answer. I guess it started off because I had nothing better to do, but turns out that I kind of like it. So when I'm not working for The Man I like to take pictures, make videos and write about whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

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Monday, November 14

Modern Warfare 3 - A New Hope

Well I haven't been able to get down and dirty with MW3 this long weekend because real life got in the way - it was kind of disappointing actually because, just like any new toy, all you want to do is play with it. Even still I kind of got my fix because that damn live stream kept drawing me in with all the interesting foolishness those people talk about.

I learned that most pros use sensitivity 2/3, a shit load of players use Kontrol Freeks, I watched the OpTic pro players take over a few times, and I even watched this 10 year old kid play for a while (and he was better than me). Those Machinima folk probably have one of the best jobs ever.

Could this also be real? A cute girl that loves video games and listens to metal - there's hope for me yet!

Anyway, there are some pretty interesting people on that stream. This one black dude had a solo shift going and out of nowhere he yelled: "I fucking love video games. How can you not love video games? It's like...why?!?" True that.

Although I only got a few hours of multiplayer in there, I did complete the single player campaign and it was pretty damn short. It finally give closure to that whole Makarov fiasco but even still it was super linear and over the top just like BF3.

I did notice a couple of dumb glitches though. I've run into this one a few times and I never really knew what was going on even though I had full bar.

Just like with the Famas/AK-74u in Black Ops I'm seeing a trend here with the UMP 45/Type 95 in MW3, aka the only guns people ever use. They did release a small patch over the weekend but I don't even know what it did. I'm going to go ahead and assume that with the next patch these two guns will get nerfed and hopefully I'll stop frame rate glitching like a boss.

Even still the game is dope.