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What's this all about? Well, that's a question I'm probably not even qualified to answer. I guess it started off because I had nothing better to do, but turns out that I kind of like it. So when I'm not working for The Man I like to take pictures, make videos and write about whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

From dragon boating to mountain biking, to road trips and travels overseas - this is me trying to enjoy life. Clock out at 5, eat, drink and don't forget to smile a lot.

Tuesday, December 20

So I took a break from MW3...

The human machine is a very fascinating one. Everyone knows that things break all the time but what's even more interesting is that nowadays most of it can be fixed. Ok, some of it.

Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

I spent yesterday in a hospital and as usual it is not a very pleasant place to be. The day surgery area of Trillium is more or less a huge common area with people laying down in rolling beds waiting to go in or out of surgery. Young people, old people, children - kind of depressing but you know that it's all for the best.

Luckily? It's not me that's getting the work done but it'll happen soon enough. I somehow got roped into spending my week off in and around the hospital, but if you don't have family and friends then what do you got? Especially around Christmas...

The way I figure, it'll be my bad knee that goes first and when it does I'll go Rolls Royce with it (if that's even possible). Pushing around this gut isn't exactly a smooth move, but cheese tastes delicious and everyone knows that I like to enjoy a few beers.

Anyway, I think I pulled a noob move unlocking that extra class with my first prestige token. Getting past that level 30 hump is a bit of a pain so I better choose more wisely next time around.

After getting back from the hospital (and feeling like I had all the mana sucked out of me (and that I was covered in loads of disease)), I sat down and played some Black Ops to get an extra prestige token.

I was sitting at 45, so I thought I could make quick work of those 5 outstanding levels to transfer that credit. Still seems like a lot of people still play it and it was relatively easy pickings up until about that 6th beer. After that it started to fall apart but I basically powered through it and got it done. Early on though, I felt like I should be a YouTube commentator or something because Ground War made me look like a pro (for once).

That's the end of that chapter...