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Thursday, December 15

What you know about MW3 titles and emblems?

I'm not exactly sure how MW3 match making works but now that I've done my first prestige I seem to be matched up with more prestiged players, or guys holding out at the max level. My aim isn't exactly great so something like a bare bones M4A1 will probably eat shit every time you go up against a gold Type 95 with rapid fire. Or I'm just making excuses, but unless you're Sandy Ravage or SeaNanners then it's pretty difficult up until about level 30 (where you start to unlock the good stuff).

In retrospect, since I plan to prestige all the way (maybe) I should have unlocked the ACR so that I can use it straight from the beginning and get over that initial hump. That and the PP90M1 are my bread and butter, but I may have pulled a noob move by unlocking that extra class this early...

Anyway, MW3 doesn't have the freedom with your callsign as Black Ops does with the logo designer...which reminds me that I NEED to show you some of the one's I've seen. TRUST ME. The last logo I designed in Black Ops was pretty modest...

Basically an emblem (logo) + title (banners) = your callsign, aka what people see next to your name and when you kill them. Totally unnecessary but necessary at the same time.

They are unlocked via certain challenges like shoot two people through the head with one bullet, kill the top player 5 times or kill someone with a chain reaction of explosions, you get the picture. They're fun to go after and impressive to see but after a couple games of going 5-40 because you're trying to kill 5 guys with a riot shield, it can get pretty frustrating.

That's the deal with video games though - frustrating but fun and totally not useful in life.