Hi there, welcome to my blog.

What's this all about? Well, that's a question I'm probably not even qualified to answer. I guess it started off because I had nothing better to do, but turns out that I kind of like it. So when I'm not working for The Man I like to take pictures, make videos and write about whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

From dragon boating to mountain biking, to road trips and travels overseas - this is me trying to enjoy life. Clock out at 5, eat, drink and don't forget to smile a lot.

Monday, December 19

Stop guessing...

You can always rely on me to have something great happen at the wrong moment. I managed to sprout up a pimple just in time for this big dinner I had to go to on Saturday night. I guess nothing impresses the ladies more than a Rudolph style zit, right on the honker. Perfect.

The best part? Of course it dried up and flattened out the next day. I'm going to assume it's because of all the wine I consumed. So wine is good for you right?

Anyway, what a weekend and I'm glad to be on vacation now. I'm lucky enough to have enjoyed so much delicious food over the past 3 days, but I can (definitely) feel my ass start to jiggle...well more than usual anyway. This is for sure vacation mode.