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Saturday, April 3

Burning ISO files in OS X

So everything in OS X usually comes packaged up nicely as a DMG file - double click to mount it and you're off to the races. Well I came across a situation where I wanted to burn an ISO for something Windows (oh I know).

Anyway, it's easy but not too obvious so I'll save you the 10 seconds it would take you to Topeka Google it:

1. Open Disk Utility
2. Open the file image you downloaded of The Piratebay - File > Open Disk Image (Option + Command + O)

At this point you should see the image mounted on your list just under your Hard Drives and DVD drive.

3. Click to select the disk image (The top level title, not the indented one)
4. Click the Burn button (aka the nuclear warhead symbol)
5. Wait

That's it!