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Friday, April 30

Where can you ski in the summer?

I've been a big fan of the LINE's Traveling Circus since the beginning of the series and now that Season 2 just finished, I have to say that it's lost a lot of its pizazz.

After Season 1's success, LINE gave the gang a dedicated camera man, supposedly to get more skiing footage out of it, but since then the videos follow mostly his style of editing and music (I think). What I miss most is the random/awesomeness of Will and Andy's editing and the different styles they brought. I do like seeing a lot more of Garrett Russell though, that guy's a laugh.

On a related note, I'm having a hard time finishing off the conclusion to the Hosers Go To Vermont series - you really gotta be in the right mindset to try and be creative and get editing. I keep changing songs and can't seem to get the right cuts going. I was initially pretty "stoked" because some of the best footage is still left (and by footage I mean us falling), but now that it's been a few months out of Winter and into Spring I'm in Spring Fever mode. Jon's still putting together his 1st edit as well.

Summer here we come.


jgamble said...

I swear, going to pull all nighters once I'm home until it's done.

1 week left!

Marcin K. said...

That laugh is hilarious!