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Wednesday, April 21

Softball...that's so not Raven.

So theshady and I recently joined my company's softball team, and in an effort to shake off the rust we hit the batting cages today. Other than T-ball, when I was like 10, I haven't played in a legitimate league in years - playing softball at camp with your friends doesn't count because it usually involves beer and quickly becomes...less competitive.

Anyway, you could tell that my status was less than pro when I showed up at the Pladium wearing smart business casual thinking I would Babe Ruth the thing. Turns out legitimate teams were even practicing there with their own helmets, bats and batting gloves (theshady included, see below).

At this point I'm not even sure I can hit a softball 400 feet for a home run. The season should be fun anyway because its rec, but I still want to beat the hell out of co-workers I don't even know.

Anyway, thanks to theshady and his all you can hit batting cage card, my left hand is mangled with huge blisters and feels like a truck ran over it. Season opener here we come.

Shady/Emperor double play FTW!


Abdullah Salim said...

Heh, didn't even know you were taking pictures. Good times!

FYI, the left photo is not how I stand. That cage was throwing so damn low that that was the only way of getting at the ball without golfing it.

Make Me Emperor said...

I'm creepy like that, lol. Nokia N95 FTW.

By the way, my blisters are horrible it hurts to rest my hand on the keyboard, heh.