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Saturday, April 24

The internet taught me to drive stick: hello clutch

Here's something new: I've just started to drive a manual car...and I stall...a lot. Reverse parking, left hand turns and moving from a complete stop are still sketchy to me. At this point I'm afraid to tackle the ridiculous slopes of the underground parking lot at the YMCA and I don't have tinted windows to hide my shame. I'm also just a few hours into it.

While it's not totally true that only the internet has taught me to drive manual, nobody in my family owns a manual car anymore and it's been years since my dad taught me to drive stick in the old CRX (PIMP, btw). While my dancing skills are simply amazing, the footwork doesn't seem to transfer as I'm no Takumi Fujiwara on the pedals (yet). I can't wait to GTFO of work and drive around.

Turns out there are a lot of great resources and some watchable videos, but I guess there's no substitute for practice. Just hold out on the getting into an accident part. It's definitely different from auto, and my dad just laughs at me when I tell him how I keep stalling the car I just bought.

Anyway, there's a lot of nuances with driving stick and things you gotta worry about. At first the 3rd pedal and the shifter seem like a LOT more work than I'm used to but hell, if my friends can do it so can I. So I'd like to introduce this new series as I burn the shit out of my new clutch.


jgamble said...

Is that a custom shift boot - Saude or leather?

Make Me Emperor said...

Leather with red stitching, I think I'm going to disassemble the stock one and copy the fabric pattern to make my own plaid one or something, lol.