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What's this all about? Well, that's a question I'm probably not even qualified to answer. I guess it started off because I had nothing better to do, but turns out that I kind of like it. So when I'm not working for The Man I like to take pictures, make videos and write about whatever else might seem like a good idea at the time.

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Sunday, April 18

Too soon, junior. Allergy season is here.

I can't tell whether my allergies are in full effect or if my body is just malfunctioning from the past weekend or if not wearing a jacked in the messed up weather is doing me in, but it's really cramping my swagger style. Either way my face is overflowing with awesomeness, and by awesomeness I mean all sorts of snot and tears.

Not sure, but after I skipped the country a few years back during allergy season I thought I had magically rid myself of it, and hadn't really had it bad since. But fast forward to this year and all of a sudden it's going all Wrath of Khan on me. What up with that?

Allergies, this one's dedicated to you.

Is it Friday yet?