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Wednesday, April 21

I wish I could party as hard as this girl...

On a sort of related note to yesterday's post, if you ever thought you partied hard you're probably wrong....very wrong. If you haven't seen this yet:

20-year-old Laura Hall is thought to have become the first person to be banned from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England and Wales.

She had already been banned from pubs and clubs in her home town of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, under the PubWatch scheme.

‘This is the first [drinking banning order] issued on a nationwide basis,’ said Sgt David Roberts, of Bromsgrove police.

‘We chose to use this new legislation as a way of helping address Laura’s offending behaviour. We very much hope that, rather than seeing it as a punishment, she will use it as an opportunity to get her life back on track.’

That chick must probably have a shit ton of awesome stories to tell...or is a complete disaster in real life. Compared to her at a bar we're all kind of like Keanu Reeves in The Replacements - we just don't cut it. Ok, so I don't even remember what happened in that movie but you get the point.


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