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Tuesday, April 27

The internet taught me to drive stick: Turning corners

Unless you're Derek Zoolander or don't really have anywhere in particular to go you know you're going to have to turn at some point. At a stop sign making a right, traffic light making a left, whatever you got, you're going to have to turn.

I guess I'll concentrate on sharper turns where braking and down shifting is necessary because the other types are pretty easy manageable. The kind of thing I'm talking about is when you actually have to brake and down shift to turn, for example making a right turn at a green light.

I think in the most extreme cases there are 3 ways to approach a turn:

  • Approach the turn, shift to neutral, brake to slow down, coast around the corner, shift into the appropriate gear during or after the turn and accelerate out.
  • Approach the turn, brake or down shift to turning speed and appropriate gear, turn the corner while in gear (clutch out) and then just accelerate out.
  • Approach the turn, brake or down shift to slow down to appropriate gear, when getting close to the corner clutch in, round the corner, release the clutch and then accelerate out.

I guess the big questions is if you turn with the clutch in or out. I don't think neutral is a wise decision because it doesn't seem like you really have any control just coasting, especially in the winter when the weather gets shady. Personally, I think its best to have both hands on the wheel while turning so you shouldn't be shifting mid turn either, but I'll admit that I've been doing that...at least for now. I also hear that in BC that will get you points deducted on your driving test....

Or you can just take corners like this guy...

Who you got?


Jeff said...

i always brake and downshift before i turn, then i just run steady through the turn, and accelerate out. since i ride a bike, downshifting (and even braking) during turns can be pretty dangerous because they can upset the dynamics of the bike.

in a car, i'd imagine you'd still run similar risks, eg. you downshift on a patch of ice/oil and the wheels slide (though i think some cars have transmissions that mitigate this).

Anonymous said...


jgamble said...

mang, brake before the turn and accelerate through it! Also, ensure your collar is popped and window is down so everyone can see how awesome you are.

Clinch said...

We're so gonna teach you this shit this winter (or next time it rains!)...