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Saturday, April 3

Season 4 of Dexter...WTF

I don't follow that many TV shows (although I'll watch a lot of shows if I happen to catch them on, like Man vs Wild or basically anything on Food TV) so the list is pretty short: South Park, How I Met Your Mother, Top Chef, TUF, Entourage and Dexter.

Since I had nothing better to do last night I decided to finish off this latest season of Dexter. I've heard the warnings and like any other season I expected a lot of twists and sketchy characters, but seriously wtf with how this season ended.

Just a couple notes...Warning: Spoiler Alert?

Debra is ripped!

Ever since his days as the bad guy from cliffhanger, this guy makes a pretty good villain...unfortunately he likes to get nekkid a lot this season...

Forget Lundy, I still miss Doakes...seriously, who doesn't like a badass black guy.

Sure she's hot and we found out she's the daughter but a little more back story would have been nice...

LIKE WTF! You know what I'm talking about...

I don't even know what type of questions to ask after that since it was so unexpected. Season 5 here we come...