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Friday, April 16

Newsflash: It's Friday, I'm done for and still suck at sexting.

It's been a long and crazy week: I bought a baseball glove, bought a car, bought veal and dragon boat, softball, golf and YMCA are ramping up. It's been interesting/tiring to say the least.

I've also finally decided to man up and wear jeans to work on the not so casual Fridays. I regret the decision immediately...button fly was a horrible choice. I don't know why, but I feel like a bigger square tucking anything into jeans and wearing dress shoes with them. I'll have to admit, the dress pants I own are way more comfortable than most of the jeans and there's always ASBS (Asian Saggy Butt Syndrome).

On a different note, I still suck at text messaging. I can't pull the just learned how to use t9 card anymore because it's been a couple of months now. I've just come to terms that I legitimately suck at using my $5 text plan. But with email not an option and having chickened out of a data plan, it's all I got.

Here's what a conversation I had yesterday looks like.

Yo you still wanna in sat? Foot know if evan mentioned the situation to you with timing and sides lisa is hating dinner tooUre writing is soo wack,lol..cudnt understand wat urr trying to say..i'll talk to evan tonite to get the details

Yeah, brutal I know. But with zero privacy in the cubes here, texting on my t9 is the only option...unless you want everyone to get all up in your business like all the time.



Jeff said...

what'd you pick up for wheels dude?

Make Me Emperor said...

Joined the Civic nation. Pretty typical Asian styles I guess, I couldn't deny it, lol.