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Tuesday, April 20

Oh University, how I miss you...


For some people post-secondary education was probably the best time of their lives, for others it was awkward, hard and they couldn't wait to GTFO. Either way, unless you do some sort of graduate work you're gone faster than two shakes of a lamb's tail.

It is what you make of it so have fun while you can...because once you join The Machine it's all over. Ok, so maybe that's a little dramatic but the fact is that once you're done school and you get a real job you also get real responsibilities and can't pull that same shit anymore and your lifestyle changes as you transition from amateur to pro.

You lose things like pancake keggers, $2.50 Thursday nights and kids wearing AE/Hollister. Your worries consisted of optionally attending class and finishing that assignment - life was just a little different. To be honest I think what people enjoy about school is not actually the schooling part but rather the student lifestyle and hot bodies. There's nothing wrong with that, just don't flunk out. Word to your mother.

You do gain a lot after you get that degree, and that ain't no lie. You can afford nicer things, you don't microwave your meals, the scenery changes and people part ways. Now you wear blazers and shirts with buttons, jeans are only for Fridays and going to Toronto is an effort in itself. People also have legitimate house parties at their homes or apartments (that aren't shared with 4 other people) and because you're 9-5/M-F you try to make every weekend count.

Some things never change - you still like to unwind after a tough week, you still have to study and learn new things, and you might have to be DD every now and again. I still enjoy PBR, eating ramen and don't have any problems crashing at a friend's place. With that said, I still love to party like I'm in school when I get the chance.

Let's face it, Asians are magic.

Seriously, I have aunts and uncles who still get carded at the casinos and they're like 50. Even now when kids get in at 17, I can still pull the I hate my psyche prof card when I need to and in the worst case someone asks me for homework help because they think I'm a super-knowledgeable grad student. Having fun with other university students may not happen often anymore but its nice when you get the opportunity.

Enjoy it while you can because if you're hanging out at school bars without other students because you weren't invited by one of them, or if it's not an alumni event, before you know it you might just be that old creepy guy standing in the corner of the bar with his striped shirt untucked, staring at girls, with one hand in his pocket and a warm drink in the other.

Groups of girls posing for pictures with half smiles, one hand on their hips and slightly angled towards the camera FTW!


Christine said...

Great note for the kids!