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Sunday, May 16

A bird crapped in my hair...

So while waiting to get onto the boats this morning for dragon boat practice, a bird decided to take a dump in my hair. In some cultures it's considered good luck, in mine it's just considered disgusting. Luckily it wasn't from a gigantic Toronto seagull but just from a small sparrow or something, because white and black hair don't mix.

The only good thing about the situation is that something like this didn't fall on my face...


I also washed and waxed my ride in the glorious sunshine today and the whole process took me almost 3 hours. The damn Sham-Wow left all this orange lint all over the thing and the damn tree or something kept pollenating on it too. The trick to waxing: lots of clean cloth.

It's a pain but the thing looks P.I.M.P.


Clinch said...

Seems you dropped some of your lunch on the path walking back to the office. Pity.