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Thursday, May 20

First round of golf...some work to do this year...

So Jon and I jumped right into our first bit of golf for the year - no driving range, nothing, just straight golf for the first time out...like pros but vastly inferior.

But seriously, we did it - from storage, to trunk, to grass, to tee box. It was only a niner but that's pretty good for after work on a Wednesday. We played at Centennial Park Golf Centre which is pretty ghetto smack in the middle of the city, so it was short compact and cheap...and apparently right on the power grid.

You get a free stroke if you hit the wires...but not if you hit an electrical pylon. I think I've had my share electrical field causing cancer for the day, but at least I didn't lose any balls! We shot a +12 and a +18! First round FTW!