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Wednesday, May 19

That's inappropriate...but so appropriate

You know, it's not always guys who talk dirty at work - women are culprits as well.

So get this, I'm waiting in line at the Tim Horton's in my building, and while the ladies who run the thing are better than good remembering everyone's usual or regulars, sometimes they forget.

So the cashier calls out to the lady in front of me, "Large 1 sugar 1 cream?" But it wasn't, it was large 1 sugar 1 milk...but then they somehow got into the conversation about milk and the cashier brings up the fact that she once had fresh milk. The lady is like, "Fresh milk, like freshly squeezed? you serious?" And the casher is like, "Yeah freshly squeezed milk!" Then she honks her boob. Awesome. The best part is when the cashier looks at the woman and is like, "Yeah, right, you know what I'm talking about!"

FYI: for whatever reason I don't like the idea of the usual. Maybe it's because I don't want to accept the fact that I've become just another sheep in the herd corporate, but I never order the same thing. Well let me re-phrase that, it's always an XL but with 1 sugar 1 milk, 1 sugar 2 creams, 3 sugars, 2 creams, black...you get the picture. I'm an asshole I like to keep them on their toes.

On an unrelated work, finally squeezing in a round of golf tonight with the nice weather. Haven't even been to the driving range yet this year, I hope I don't pull my groin or something.