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Wednesday, May 26

I guess this is what happens when you piss off a computer savvy Saudi Arabian guy

So I'm tracking the status of my GoPro through FedEx and decide to go to their website to see some of the accessories that they can rob me for I can buy. Guess what? Your Site Have Got Hacked By <( TaWaG NjD )>, aka some Saudi Arabia Hacker...wonder what they did to piss him off.

On a related note there's a fair bit of javascript, an embedded swf and even scrolling tab description on that page. I like this guys style, lol.

If my credit card info is compromised I will not be impressed. So much for security.


Jeff said...

this type of hacker just looks up current exploits or back-doors for different web servers. when they find a site that it'll work for, they'll 'hack' it just for kicks.