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Sunday, May 30

You're baller, that's it.

At the range people like to talk and literally they like to talk about anything ever. Hell, I love to talk as well which is half the reason why I like to go to the place. From BBQ recipes, to gun smithing, to reloading, to their kids - you can start a conversation about anything with anybody and it will have some actual context. It's not one of those 20 second talks you have with one of those guys you went to school with and randomly encountered somewhere and you just want to GTFO.

It's pretty legit. Most of the time it includes a firm handshake and ends with something like: have fun, I'll see you next time, or enjoy but that's only because most gun owners are good people and they will actually see you next time and talk to you again.

Seriously, what else could you say? Make the kill clean, aim for the heart...headshot! No, that's all pretty inappropriate when everyone is holding something that could end your existence at the blink of an eye and there's no actual game around.

I can't re-iterate it enough. Those guys at the range who ensure safety and practice for the clean kill have actually increased the population of the animals which they hunt. Sure you get the occasional douche every now and again, or the straggler trying to impress a girl, but for the most part all the irresponsible gun owners are in jail. They are amongst the most responsible and helpful people I've met, and they're super baller. FYI larger caliber rounds can easily cost $1.25 and upwards so it's either pretty baller when you see a guy in the action range going Rambo with it. You might buy a gun for $1000 and put maybe 50 rounds through it for the year.

I got into a conversation with one of the range officers this weekend about the rifle I was shooting at the time, and it turned out one of the bikes he own is made by the same manufacturer (CZ). Interesting. After that, I point over to this ultra baller Ducati Monster parked just over the way and he's like, "Yeah, well that's mine..." BALLER. He continues to say, "Bikes are like guns, you can't just have one..."

Silverdale Gun Club