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Tuesday, May 18

Mission: Battlestar Frak-lactica complete

So I finally finished Season 4 of Battlestar, and it was EPIC. Here's a few comments form the peanut gallery...

Not sure what happened to Lee's hair though, somehow he went from boyscout to John C Reily in the Vampire's Assistant as soon as he took off his space helmet.

Boomer finally got what was coming to her...that traitorous bitch. But seriously, if there's a spare grace park lounging around go ahead and FedEx her to me.

There was also plenty of revenge to go around. It was kind of dumb how Cavil off'd himself though, I really thought someone take it to him - maybe Ellen or Saul or anyone would have been more climactic.

Still hated Gaius Balter until the very end though...that guy will always be Earth's #1 douche bag in my books.

And that's the story of how Earth became populated. The End.