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Thursday, February 4

First tracks, frostbite and face plants

Today we got up at 6:30 in the AM because we knew Jay Peak was getting some snow overnight. Last time they predicted 2" of snow they got 8". This time they were predicting another 6" but got 10". Fresh powder once again!

According to the radio Jay Peak has received over 30" of new snow in the last 10 days. I would not doubt it. Kevin and Marcin had to rent big skis today for the intense snow, but really is that such a bad thing? Time to hit the glades!

For the whateverth day in a row it was bitterly cold. I guess that's one thing about skiing the East, but being a weekday at least it was still pretty empty. They had to close down a lift on one side of the mountain because it was so cold. I think we all have some sort of minor frost bite to prove it.

The worst/best part about powder is falling in it. Its easy to lose your ski in powder and if no one say you take the fall they you'd probably be looking for it for a good 45 mins. Here's Kevin falling through mid air no skis attached. It's actually him in mid-air.

Also, because of the powder you don't see a lot of roots and your skis getting caught in some and you flying in the air head first. If you happen to be on a steep hill, let me tell you, the feeling of being stuck head first in the snow with your feet in the air is an interesting one. Kevin was literally picking branches from my helmet after I feel head first into some spruce.

The only crappy park was that I mangled my back on some rails, but hopefully some beer and Tylenol will fix that.

Jay Peak is the best resort in Vermont. Having said that we haven't skied Smuggler's Notch yet, but we will be doing that tomorrow. So far Jay has had the best snow, best terrain and least people. Stowe definitely has the size but the terrain is nothing compared to Jay. Even the locals in Stowe ski Jay Peak, FYI.