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Thursday, March 17

And so begins my Road To Commander...

Minus the whole recording every match thing... I finally gave up on Zombies since there are just too many haters and too few people with actual skill who don't use cheats (plus Jon and I are already pretty far up on the leaderboards...). Multiplayer is like a brand new game so I'm definitely getting my money's worth. Maybe it's true what they say about the 1 out of 8 thing. It's pretty intimidating though since everyone seems to be at level 50 and have awesome gear. Trying to lay the smack down with an Olympia ain't so smooth.

I've been playing for a while tonight and I don't think I've seen anyone lower than me yet. Leveling up is going to be a pain while sporting a healthy 0.8 kdr (like a n00b). Getting to 10 was super quick, but still not automatic assault rifle yet. Kamikazeee time!

Is it me or does Ghost Pro seem impossible to get though? Good thing I already got it then. Sentry gun luck FTW (you have to play to know what I'm talking about). Shit son!

I also didn't know so many people still played Counter-Strike. According to Steam it's still the #1 action game in the world, and probably since like when I was in OAC. I might just have to dust off my copy. Not.

It's like I'm in school again (minus all the acne). Sweet.