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Tuesday, March 29

Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike DLC ain't so bad

I've been playing a lot of Black Ops lately especially with this new DLC that just came out (pre-order $13.50 booya!). Unless you've played COD before I'm guessing this post might be a little foreign to you, so go ahead and watch the new episode of TC instead where they hit up Quebec and Ontario!

So except for Berlin I'd say that the new levels are pretty fun but I haven't been able to run into anyone and get a decent game of Ascension going yet. From like the 4 times that I've played it, that level is kind of like "Five" and no one knows it too well - so a little too big for my liking and I haven't figured out a decent plan for it yet.

I'm glad they patched all those ridiculous cheats for Zombies though but I'm pretty sure that it's too little too late since that game mode is already RIP in my books. Anyway, I've been playing a ton of multiplayer lately...like a lot. Here's the proof - it's the first time I ever hit 10 on Steam so you can do the math.

The way I see it, it's better than watching TV or looking at porn surfing the net because at least it stimulates your brain right? RIGHT?!?

In retrospect I shouldn't have played so much Nuketown because with that quick XP I'm a pretty misleading level 42 when when the teams auto-balance (I suck). But that map is just so fun.

When it comes to FPS I'm not exactly a strategist either and my motto is pretty much "be a hero". This basically involves me sprinting around solo with marathon and dolphin diving onto objectives (hoping someone will cover me long enough to capture it) or until I finally run into an enemy and then it becomes a game of who can react faster.

Like most of these twitch shooters it's pretty much if you see the other guy first he's dead. Sneaking around or camping is just lame.

Unfortunately, my favorite class doesn't translate too well outside of Nuketown but at least it's pretty embarrassing when that dude with the dual wield and crossbow kills you.

Aside from TDM and FFA, the other game modes are more fun but really mess with your KDR. Dolphin diving onto flags or next to bombs just laying there while hoping you don't get waxed is probably not the best strategy, but that's how I roll. I'm currently sporting a pretty pathetic 0.83 KDR.

It's crazy how the game keeps track of every metric from every game you play. I think the only people who don't make a big deal of KDR are guys like me who are below 1.0 but hell just play the game and don't sweat it. It's fun either way because I wouldn't be playing so much.

The people who do like to make a deal out of it are usually those who create stealth brag topics on forums just to show theirs off. FYI, going 10 and 8 while sitting back and doing shit for your team makes you a coward.

Like I said, bum mode is fully engaged.

Anyway, floor hockey playoffs tonight. Hopefully we can start off fresher than the regular season...