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Monday, March 21

I don't want it unless it's brand new, you might see me in my brand new whip, with my brand new...

Big balla K-DAWG went pro this weekend and moved into his brand spanking new house. Not that I would know or anything but owning your first home is a real big deal and I'm even excited for him.

Anyway, we helped him "move in" to the house all weekend (and I use the term lightly) but like most things in life it will need a woman's touch (*wink*wink*guns*guns*)...unless you're a dude who wears blouses and silk scarves. When it comes to colors and decorations and stuff like that I would probably just make all the walls beige and all the furniture and floors rich mahogany and call it a day.

I can imagine though that when I do eventually get my place the living room, master bath and gaming room office will be designed by me (and pretty pimp tight). The wife can have the rest of the house to do as she pleases. I can also imagine every other room in the house but those being completely empty for the first 4 years too...

Moving along, despite our pretty hung over lazy state and general inability to eat anything the next day (ok fine, some of us) we lumbered over to watch Battle: Los Angeles since I wanted to avoid the tile layers we had nothing else to do. It didn't exactly get the greatest ratings ever but it was pretty entertaining though. What did you expect? Oscars or something?

Movie coupons FTW! Sucker Punch on Friday anyone?

On a side note I hate the fact that Boston Pizzas seem super inconsistent with their no/reservation policy for sporting events - even when full, watching stuff in the dining area just ain't the same...and holy crap Jon Jones.