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Friday, March 11

Spring forward...

I'm still very much on the fence about buying a snowboard this weekend. If I don't I'll have to wait until the Ski and Snowboard Show this fall to make the call. Switching it up and trying to get good at both sports is like two steps forward and one step back since I'll probably take at least one season to develop some sort of snowboarding game. From some friends' experiences (if you're any good at skiing) the jump isn't all that hard. I'm pretty sure my knees would thank me somehow for that too...

The other thing holding me back is that I just put down a pre-order on this awesome rifle stock.

With the weather getting warmer this is a build that I can't wait to do (I didn't take that picture, a CGN member did). I also want need to get a new headset and upgrade the shifters and brake levers on my bike. Contrary to popular belief I ain't made of money you know.

Anyway, with all this rain I'm pretty sure my 2010 season is done. Trips East and West made it one of the best ones ever, so I can't complain. What will I miss? Well, not much since time flies these days. Sort of random, but here's my top 5 ways to spot a newbie on the slopes:

1. Jeans!
2. He's black
3. No helmet or goggles, or their helmet/goggles are too small and floating too high on their head...you gotta see it to know what I mean...
4. Their boot only has one strap on it
5. They're all up on your skis in the lift line

It's Friday!