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Thursday, March 31

Looks like I'm also playing slo-pitch this summer.

So I finally got into the company league and I like the way how the captain responded to my registration:

... I will put you on my team to ensure you are in the league this year. I hope you like going for beers :)

Just my luck. On a related note, I was also reading over the league rules (part of the Slo-Pitch Ontario Association)...any ladies want to comment on this?

  • Batters preceding female batters get awarded 2nd base automatically if they get a walk. The female may choose to bat if she wishes, or may take 1st base. However, all players are encouraged to bat. This right is forfeit if the batter does not indicate that he/she precedes a female batter and the female batter is not "on deck".
  • Teams fielding no females in their lineup only get 2 outs per odd-numbered inning (1,3,5,7).
  • Outfielders can't come in closer than 2 paces from the edge of the grass when a female bats. The infield must remain behind the baseline.
Looks like ballin' is my hobby...


Melissa said...

Sounds about right!