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Monday, March 28

So I bought a pair of Crocs...baller/not baller?

You know, I used to be a pretty big hater when it came to Crocs - they look ridiculous and people wear them in public like they're actual shoes. So then I bought a pair...

When it comes to dragon boat friendly footwear there aren't really that many options. Id say it boils down to water shoes and flip flops, but both are just too gay for me to handle (and I can't stand that damn slapping noise). Those slide on type sandals are good too but they also slide off just as easy (and hit people in the foreheads shins) or get eaten by the lake monsters all the time.

On a side note, I'm not quite sure why guys would wear bike shorts when paddling other than to show off their compressed wangs when they walk back/forth from the docks. I mean if they were on one of those kneeling kayaks then fine, but there's not going to be much of an aerodynamic advantage when you're sitting surrounded by 20+ people in a huge canoe.

Anyhow, I wore my Birkenstocks for a season or two until the combination of stank water + my feet + cork sole + hot summer produced such a bad smell that I became so paranoid wearing them that I just threw them out and bought another pair. I even bought some fancy flip flops last year thinking that it would make some sort of difference. What a fool I was.

So then I just bought some Crocs and I get it: they're comfortable and convenient and that back strap can keep them on your feet if you need to. They are also barely socially acceptable and shouldn't be worn out of context or casually in public under any situation.

Just walk up and punch me in the face if you ever see me wearing these in public with jeans. Thanks.


Abdullah Salim said...

screw looks ... convenience and comfort > * ... i wear crocs before and after my duathlons and runs ... my feet need to breathe after being crammed in running shoes for a couple of hours ... croc on!

#19 said...

It's a slippery slope man, first crocs next a ballerina dress.