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Wednesday, March 16

Dragonboat Fitness Tests

Shit just got real real on the dragon boat front. The first practice with my new team Swordfish is coming up in less than 3 weeks and needless to say they are a bit more competitive than Banana Boat. On top of an earlier start they will also be performing a series of fitness tests throughout the season designed to embarrass the shit out of me gauge team member's strength, cardio and progess throughout the year.

Anyway, hopefully these tests will be more motivating than degrading but either way it's definitely not going to be pretty (for me). In fact I think they might kick me off the team (and keep my deposit) after the first practice. Maybe I'm over exaggerating but I'm quite certain I can do about 0.4 pull-ups (in one day) and my knee will explode into 1000 pieces after the first kilometer.

The truth is though many of the more competitive dragon boat teams do them so if I want to get better I'm going to have to step up my game and do some steroids, hit the gym and shed some pounds. Time to come out of hibernation.

Here are a few examples of what they're all about.


Max push-ups in 1 minute4010 (or modified 25)
Max pull-ups in 1 minute153 (or modified 10)
Max windshield wipers in 3 minutes3030
Max burpees in 3 minutes (no push-up required)4040
2 km run (or 10 mins on stationary bike/elliptical with heart rate of 135 bpm)10 mins10 mins


WEIGHT TESTING: In the order listed below

1. Pushups to failure - Lie flat on the ground, lift hands off the ground, to start drive hands down into a full push up locking out on top, bring your back body down flat on the ground, repeat to failure If hips go down or butt goes up individual is out.

2. Situps to failure - Feet flat on floor, hands over head on the floor, one full motion bring body and arms up touch finger tips to toes. 2 toes misses individual is out.

3. Triceps dips to failure - Use bench in the gym. Hands shoulder width apart. Knees/Legs 90-degree angle. Lower body bending at the elbow straighten arms up.

4. Plank to failure (Max out at 3 mins) - Face down elbows and forearms underneath chest, form a bridge using your toes and forearms Maintain a flat back. If hips go down or butt goes up individual is out.


1. Burpees to failure (Max out 150) - Start from a standing position, squat hands on the ground, kick feet back lowering body to the ground, return to squat position, straighten arms over head with an explosive leap as high as possible. If arms are not straighten over head during leap or the leap is not explosive, feet not kicked out, and body goes down individual is out.


Not any of the above.


Christine said...

Wow that's intense! Good luck