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Thursday, March 24

Mount Fuji, Japan & Microsoft ICE Panoramic Photos FTW!

My whole plan to finish editing the last of the Japan videos isn't exactly going according to plan because I'm such a bum. I got about half of the footage chopped up and the songs picked out (even I'm impressed by this selection) but being the conclusion of it all I want to make it half decent a good one...so it's taking a while.

Anyway, here are some awesome panoramic photos from the parking lot at Station 5 on Mt. Fuji to tide you over until then. It's not quite at the top but the views are still pretty spectacular.

Mt Fuji Japan Mountain Range @ Station 5 Parking Lot 1 - Lo Res

In flickr be sure to view all sizes and check the original file to get a better view.

Mt Fuji Japan Mountain Range @ Station 5 Parking Lot 2 - Lo Res

Those are the low resolution versions - the full resolution ones are 13 MB and 26 MB (and make for one hell of a wallpaper across my two monitors)!